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I used to post my music here in 2013 because "you don't need to create flashy visuals for the audio." As of December 2018 I have unpublished those works. Still interested in publishing my new music here though!
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Hey there, you can call me Sea! I'm a musician who used to post some of my early works here back in 2013-14. Recently had a bout of nostalgia for this place and thought I'd check up on things.

Not gonna lie, it feels nostalgic and homely to be back when nothing really changed design-wise - even if many of the users I kept up with back then seem to have left for good... Regardless, I will try to keep up with other musicians as well as artists and a couple flash games for now. Been looking through my favourites from back then and honestly, most of them still hold up - and with the recent influxes of people there's bound to be some interesting new stuff!

Haven't decided if I want to frantically upload all the music I've written/published since I left the site last time yet. In the meantime, there are links in my profile to the places where I publish stuff if you're curious.

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